Bleach Your Bedding Rather Than Throwing Away

Bedding sheets, pillows, linens and curtains are important components of the interior as they create the relevant ambiance. Additionally, they form the essential elements of comfort. Bedding that feels and appears luxurious could create a sense of relaxation the moment you enter your bedroom. Plush bedding could be dauntingly expensive. Nevertheless, there are great ways to enjoy the comfort of expensive bedding without spending a fortune and also maintain existing ones without spending much. With skyrocketing prices of almost every commodity, you can choose to save money on anything including your bedding sheets though not many people give heed to such ways. Read on to explore some interesting tips to save money on your bedding sheets.

If you take care of your bedding in the correct manner, it will look good for longer and reduce the need to shop for new linens. From the time of purchase, adhere to the caring instructions of the manufacturer and swap bed sheets every week to extend the life of bed linens. Try your best to hang your bedding out to dry in the sun, as natural sunlight provides a bleaching effect and disinfects the sheets in a gentle manner. The smell of linens that have been sun-dried can be welcoming.

Using neutral colors for bed sheets and pillow cases provides a lot of benefits. You can find them cheap and also maintain them without any hassle. Brightly colored sheets with decorative patterns are generally more expensive. If you opt for white towels, bedding sheets and linens, the best way to keep them looking great is to bleach them. When the bedding sheets start fading or appear dingy, you can simply run them through the wash with some bleach to make them bright enough to look new. Though bleaching works for colored sheets as well, white can make things easy and cheap for both the purchase and maintenance tasks.

Instead of buying new beddings, you can breathe a new leash of life to your existing beddings through several techniques, such as screen printing, fabric painting, tie-dying, etc. Bleaching is the cheapest way and our idea here is to save money. Before bleaching, make sure that the bedding fabric is made of natural fibers, such as linen or cotton. Remember that wool, silk, mohair and other protein fibers cannot be bleached. It is important to read the fabric-care instructions to check for any warnings before you proceed. Also, read the bleach container instructions to find out the recommended water-to-bleach ratio. Undiluted bleach could damage the fabric.

If you do not have a large container to hold huge beddings, you can use the bathtub to carry out the bleaching process. Simply fill the tub with the bleach solution (in the right proportion), immerse the sheets and leave them to soak. Keep checking every few minutes with periodical stirring to ensure that the entire material is immersed. Some colors are stubborn and can take up to an hour to get completely bleached. After the bleaching is done, run the sheets through a wash process in the washing machine. If the achieved white tone seems insufficient, the bleaching process can be repeated, but with proper caution not to damage the fabric. Or rather dye the bleached sheets with a white fabric dye.

Bleaching your bedding sheets can keep them looking good for extra months and maybe even years. In order to prevent the smell of bleach, make sure that you rinse them twice after the bleach. Strongly colored towels and sheets can start looking old much before they are worn out enough to be replaced. Though you can choose from several colors and several shades of the same color, white offers a practical solution. When you use other shades, even if one wears out, you may have to replace many others to keep them matching. Or, it may be difficult to find the same color when you shop around the next time. Additionally, white renders a classic look and goes well with every other color. You can easily add to the interior décor of the room with a piece of vivid art, a bright lampshade or a colorful rug that can brighten up the ambiance together with the white linens.