Save Money By Carpooling

In today's economy, every opportunity to save is an opportunity worth taking. You can actually save a substantial amount of money each month by reducing small expenses you - often unknowingly - make each day. Carpooling is a good idea to consider when it comes to saving a lot on your gas bills.

How to Carpool

The best thing about carpooling these days is the fact that it is very easy to do. To get started, you can get together with friends and colleagues and start taking each other to work every other day. This is the most basic form of carpooling; this alone will help you save more than $200 on gas bills.

Since carpooling is very popular, it is also possible to find local communities that specialize in carpooling. Social networking groups, online forums and websites are now offering access to people who are more than willing to share their cars for a small exchange. Keep in mind that you don't always have to pay to carpool; some just like the company, while others may look for something like home cooked cookies in exchange for a ride. Since these communities are available across the nation, finding rides and getting to places while saving money at the same time are so much easier to do.

Take it a step further and you can create your own carpooling community. Your friends may share the same idea; why not invite others to join the cause as well? The amount of money you can save increases as more people are exchanging rides and carpooling.

Carpooling Tips

Before you go ahead and start carpooling, there are a few basic tips you need to know. First of all, carpooling is not a way to get free rides all the time. Even when you are a member of a carpooling community, you may still be required to offer something in exchange for the ride itself. Sharing the cost of gas, offering treats, and occasionally giving rides to others are great ways to keep the experience mutually beneficial.

Don't hesitate to save no matter how small the amount may be. Short but frequent trips to the shops often cost more. Carpooling is a good way to reduce these costs to minimum and save money.

Instead of sticking to your regular trips, try to organize them so that you can achieve what you are trying to do with fewer trips. Shopping, for example, can be done once every two weeks in order to save on gas. You will also be able to save on groceries since you are buying in larger quantities. The amount of money that can be saved by simply organizing trips efficiently is truly staggering.

Again, carpooling is a two-way street. Aside from getting rides from friends and colleagues, you can also save by giving rides and sharing the cost of gas together. Sharing your car with a friend is enough to save you up to $600 a year on gas alone. Share with more people and you will be able to save even more.

Share the driving. Offer to drive occasionally. Carpooling is not always about saving money. It is about connecting and sharing mutual trips with others. Offering to drive is a good way to make the experience much more fun.

Set detailed rules that apply to everyone involved. Determine the amount of waiting time should someone is late. It is also necessary to determine if eating, smoking, and drinking is allowed. Rules on how payments are made and on other details must also be made clear from the beginning to avoid future problems.

How to Get Started

Getting started with carpooling is fairly easy to do. Websites such as Divide the Ride, eRideShare, and CarPool World are great ways to find more information on carpooling opportunities near you. You can also ask friends who are traveling the same route to share the trip.

Instead of finding someone who is willing to give you a ride, offer others to share the ride with you. As mentioned earlier, you are still saving a lot of money even when your car is the one being used to travel. Many will say yes to your offer and, before you know it, you will be sharing the cost with 2 or more people.