Use A Push Mower For Mowing

The lawnmower represents the most commonly used mechanized garden tool. It is available in several models to meet the needs of both homeowners and professional gardeners. The most basic one, which may seem old-fashioned, is the manually-operated push lawnmower. Modernization has introduced us to gas-powered and electricity-powered lawnmowers that have indeed become a status symbol for proud lawn owners. However, the so-called old-fashioned push lawnmower is making a comeback as it offers several benefits that cannot be ignored. Let us delve into them in detail.

Using a push lawnmower instead of a gas operated or electric lawnmower could be one of the many frugal tactics that you could use for a budget-oriented lifestyle. Why not take the time to work out the average monthly costs incurred by using a gas-powered or electric machine to maintain your lawn? Keep in mind that these leisurely gadgets also incur high upfront costs. Additionally, electric lawnmowers may require replacement batteries - if you are annoyed by the number of hours it takes to charge a battery - so that you can swap batteries when the charge runs out. With the traditional push lawn mower, your monthly savings could be in the range of tens or hundreds of dollars depending on the extent of your lawn and the frequency of mowing.

While savings on upfront and operational costs are significant enough to commend push lawnmowers, the related health benefits are equally remarkable. Consider the physical exercise involved in using a push lawnmower. You can keep your body fit and in shape without having to maintain a strict workout routine. If you are into daily workouts, simply skip the workout on the day you mow your lawn.

A typical lawn maintained with a push lawnmower needs to be mowed once a week. You need to maintain a consistent schedule - that applies to your lawn and fitness - as taller grass is harder to mow. It is easy to determine the apt mowing pattern by trial and error - mow in different paths based on the direction in which grass grows until you arrive at what seems best for you.

Yet another important advantage of using push lawnmowers is environment-friendliness. When compared to gas-powered lawnmowers, manually-operated lawnmowers do not emit harmful gases that pollute the air. While mowing, you are not exposed to carbon monoxide and other gases that pose health risks. Though the electric lawnmower does not directly emit pollutants, it indirectly contributes to emissions related to electricity generation and also consumes considerable amount of energy. The push lawnmower is an excellent device for energy conservation. We are living in an age, where there is so much of hype about going green and conserving energy.

Unlike gas-powered and electric lawnmowers, push lawnmowers are not noisy, meaning that they prevent noise pollution and relieve you of issues related to noise ordinances in your neighborhood or city. Noise pollution is something that neighbors are not willing to tolerate. In fact, the push mower makes a slight rhythmic sound that can be pleasant as you walk behind it, smelling the freshly cut grass. Further, you can mow your lawn at your own convenient time, even if it is during odd hours, such as night.

Among the other advantages, push lawnmowers are lightweight machines that are easier to operate. They have a spinning blade that turns as the mower is pushed. They do not put undue strain on your body and it is easy to move them into tight areas near shrubs and trees. Further, they do not have engines, so there are no spark plugs that could burn or starters that could fail. In other words, you are saved of the anxiety over starting troubles. Push lawnmowers require minimal maintenance - it is enough to keep the blades sharp. They are easy on your lawn as well. Unlike high-powered mowers that spin harshly, the manual mower provides a clean cut without damaging the grass blades.

In a nutshell, using manpower to operate a lawnmower is definitely more economical than horsepower or gas power. The associated health benefits and environmental advantages are sound enough to rank push lawnmowers better than gas and electricity-operated lawnmowers.